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E. W. Kenyon
1867 - 1948

Questions Concerning Healing

This is a response from Pastor Joe McIntyre regarding continuing and/or taking treatments for healing while holding fast to your confession.

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Who Was E.W. Kenyon?

Evangelist, pastor, president of a Bible Institute, author, songwriter and poet, best known for the numerous books that he authored that are still in great demand today.

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E. W. Kenyon and the Holy Spirit

Those of you who have read my book will be familiar with the fact that some were in disagreement regarding Kenyon's view of receiving the Holy Spirit.

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The Power of Your Words

We have had many requests for this book over the years. This book was actually written by Don Gossett.

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Plagiarism of E. W. Kenyon by Kenneth E. Hagin?

One respected Charismatic leader, who has since gone on to be with the Lord, said of E.W. Kenyon that he was often quoted, yet seldom footnoted.

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What did E.W. Kenyon teach on tithing?

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What did E.W. Kenyon teach on tithing? Part2

Israel’s tithing was really sharing with Jehovah, the income from the gardens, vineyards, livestock and business. This “sharing” was a real partnership, a real fellowship with God, the priests and the poor.

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Was E.W. Kenyon a heretic? by: Joe McIntyre

This "name-calling" is a big problem in the Body of Christ. Clouds of suspicion have been placed on valid ministries because of being labeled by other ministries.

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Where Did E.W. Kenyon Learn About Healing?

"In the early days of my ministry I found that God's Word, spoken through my lips changed men's lives and set them free..."EW Kenyon

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Jesus' Spiritual Death

"How is it that Jesus dies spiritually?" Kenyon, along with many other notable theologians believed that Jesus experienced not only physical death ...but also spiritual death.

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Did E.W. Kenyon Belive in Universal Salvation?

Kenyon would point out that all that needs to be done for our salvation, healing, deliverance from sin and victory in life has already been done legally.

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How Did E.W. Kenyon Spend His Early Years?

"Mr Kenyon had been converted to the Lord when about 18, (eight years prior to our marriage,) and was given an exhorter's license by a Methodist church" Evva Kenyon

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What did E.W. Kenyon Think of the Metaphysical Cults?

Anyone familiar with the accusations that have been voiced against Kenyon...will see the utter absurdity of these accusations by reading the following articles.

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