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E. W. Kenyon
1867 - 1948

Questions Concerning Healing

This is a response from Pastor Joe McIntyre regarding continuing and/or taking treatments for healing while holding fast to your confession.

Some who believe in Divine Healing feel they should not take any medicine or go to a doctor. I have known some who felt this was a necessary step in the life of faith. Others, have not felt that this step was necessary and have continued taking medicine and being treated by a doctor while they walked out their healing. I have seen God heal in both approaches. As a pastor, I have seen people try to follow the example of those who give up all medical treatment, assuming that this would result in healing. There are various factors involved in this matter: The leadership of the Spirit, the level of faith that one has developed and the fear factor. Some have found that continuing to take medicine to control the symptoms was helpful in allowing them to focus on the Word without the distraction of pain or symptoms.

Unless your faith is highly developed and you feel God is asking you to give up medicine and medical treatment, I don't recommend you do it on principle. God meets us where we are without condemnation. Your faith will grow and develop as you focus on what Christ has done for you, not constantly watching to see how your faith is developing. Praise God that He is working in you now, regardless of symptoms. Be free to use medicine if it helps control the symptoms and keep you from being distracted from the Word.

Know that Father loves you and wants you well. Jesus paid the price for you healing. The Holy Spirit is in you to lead you into all Truth. By faith and patience we inherit the promises.

Hope this is helpful.

In Christ,

Joe McIntyre
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